How to edit sound like a pro with AUDACITY

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss with you that “how to edit sound like a pro with Audacity“. Friends Audacity is free software that you can use to edit your recorded sound. It has the ultimate options to do that. So let’s see, how can we edit sound by Audacity.

Friends, if you are running any YouTube channel then you might know that as per the YouTube algorithm, your video and sound quality should be perfect for your video. The video should not be blurry and audio should be loud and clear. There should be no background noise in the video.

Also, there are other factors that YouTube doesn’t allow. But we can make video and audio suitable as per the YouTube algorithm because that is the only thing we can manage. If you can’t afford a good quality mic and if you are shooting your videos in a place where there is so much background noise, then I’ll give you a solution today.

In the Summer Season because of the high temperature, we have to use Fan, AC, Cooler while making videos. For that reason, we get so much background noise in our videos which makes our video quality low. Many YouTubers face this kind of issue.

What is Audacity:

Free, open-source, cross-platform audio software. Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.

How to use Audacity:

Step by Step Methods to use Audacity:

First of all download the Software by CLICKING HERE. After downloading install the Software and run it. After that click on OPEN and import your audio file or you can simply drag and drop the file.

How to edit sound like a pro with AUDACITY

After that the interface will look like this:

Now, remember one thing that before recording your voice take a pause of 2 to 3 seconds. It’ll help you to see all the background noise to see in the timeline. Now select the noisy part of the sound and go to EFFECT Tab and select NOISE REDUCTION. Follow the image below.

After that click on Get Noise Profile. First of all, you have to take your profile. Profile means that which noise in the timeline you want to remove. Select the noisy area of the sound and it becomes your profile. Now click on Get Noise Profile.

Now click on the blank area which is shown in the image below.

Now again go to Effect Tab and click on Noise Reduction. Leave all the settings as it is.

You will see the difference between the previous selected area.

Now repeat the steps 2 to 3 times if you are not satisfied with the result. But remember one thing that, before doing these steps again and again the timeline should be selected.

After doing 2 to 3 times of the process again go to Effect Tab and Click on Equalization. After that click Select Curve to Bass Boost and click OK.

Now again go to Effect Tab and Click on Equalization. After that click Select Curve to Treble Boost and click OK.

After that listen to the sound very carefully. If your sound looks very thin then you can select Bass Boost. If you are comfortable with the sound then leave all the settings as it is. After that, we have to add more effects.

To do that go to Effect Tab and select Compressor. A window will open, and you click on OK. Don’t make changes in any values there. Just click on OK. See the difference in the picture below.

Now again go to Effect Tab and click on Normalize. Then press OK.

After that, if the sound is perfect for you then you can save the file. To save the file go to File Tab and click on Export Audio. You will see multiple options to save the file. Now name the file and select your own format to save the file.


Final Words:

So guys this was all about “How to edit sound like a pro with AUDACITY“. I hope this post is going to help you to edit your recorded sound like a pro. Just follow this method to edit and let me know if you have any questions regarding this post. If you like the post then feel free to share this with others. I’ll see you in the next post till then Take Care and Stay Safe.

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